Wood growth-rings raised through sandblasting

New Window and Lex Pott: „Diptych“. Photo: Raw Color

Just like veins in many types of natural stone, trees have annual growth rings. The veins in stone tell of chemical reactions eons ago and of infiltration of one type of mineral into another. Their distribution is irregular. Annual rings of a tree mirror ecological changes during the lifespan of the plant and ensue from inside the trunk toward the bark on the outside. They are regular albeit not equally thick.

Dutch designer Lex Pott realized an unusual idea which we would like to mention even if the material is not natural stone: he extracted a slab of wood from a tree trunk and exposed it to sandblasting. The result is decorative stripes suitable, e.g. for the door of a cupboard.

New Window and Lex Pott: „Diptych“. Photo: Raw Color

The collection by the name of „Diptych“ was developed in cooperation with Woes van Haaften of New Windows Online-Platform. A total of until now 9 objects are distributed via this platform. The name „Diptych“ is derived from two tiered paintings often found in churches and cathedrals.

Annual growth rings ensue from the seasonal change of climate to which the tree is exposed. When it is warm in summer, the tree generated a thick ring of soft wood. In winter, by contrast, the ring is thin but the material is harder.
Sandblasting extracts the softer elements leaving the harder rings raised.

By sandblasting only some selected parts of the wood, window effects are achieved, which are not only decorative but also give a unique insight into the life of the tree.

New Window and Lex Pott: „Diptych“. Photo: Raw Color

Another idea of the collection is match-books.

New Window and Lex Pott: „Diptych“. Photo: Raw Color

The room-divider is particularly appealing: sandblasting sets the knots and branches free.
A book was introduced at the furniture trade fair in Milan, in which detailed information on the project was divulged.

New Window

Lex Pott

Woes van Haaften (left), Lex Pott. Photo: Kathrin Zelger(07.05.2014, USA: 05.07.2014)