Beatriz Carbonell Ferrer: little stories on every-day life and footprints

To tell „little stories“ is the aim of Spanish artist and sculptor Beatriz Carbonell Ferrer: „I want to tell you usual and daily questions, in relation with family, friends, couple and love.”

Beatriz Carbonell Ferrer: „Caminos en Silencio” (Ways in Silence), alabaster, iron, 210x170x90 cm.

As to feet, she sees these as „a significant part of each person  – we move with them, we grow … we leave our footprint, and are the junction with the ground, with the Earth“.

Beatriz Carbonell Ferrer: „Viendo la Vida Passar” (Watching live go), red marble Alicante, Eisen, 330x120x25 cm.

She works with a variety of materials such as wood, steel, ceramic, bronze and plastic or silicon. She has a weakness for marble: „I enjoy a lot the process, the sound, the dust, the hammer, the grinder, the polish…“

Beatriz Carbonell Ferrer: „Totems“, stone and wood, 70-100 cm hoch.

Beatriz Carbonell Ferrer’s roots are in Valencia and completed her studies at the Facultad de Bellas Artes de San Carlos de la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. She participated in numerous international sculptors’ symposia and was one of the co-founders of the Banda Ancha Group in September 2003 comprising 4 female artists.

Beatriz Carbonell Ferrer

Photos: Beatriz Carbonell Ferrer

Beatriz Carbonell Ferrer: „The Twins“, 32x23x16 cm. Llíria marble.

Beatriz Carbonell Ferrer.(18.05.2014, USA: 05.18.2014)