Briefly noted

Finish Granite was often implemented locally or in Russia as a building material. Pompous buildings such as can be seen in St. Petersburg are examples. A research project hopes to take tally of the implementation in both countries as well as in the repositories on either side of the border. The aim is, among other things, to harmonize legislation and reduce trade barriers between the EU and Russia.

Latest news: „Stone Gallery“ is a main tool in Antolini’s marketing concept for stone. In its famous exhibition in the headquarter in Sega di Cavaion close to Verona, not only are presented slabs but examples how stone can be used in architecture and interior design. The Italian company is now using this concept to become stronger on foreign markets: in cooperation with the German Just company a „Stone Gallery“ was opened close to Dresden in May. Already during the Xiamen fair in April this year, a similar cooperation with the Chinese company Kangli had been was announced (1, 2).

A natural stone company in the UK has been fined for failing to protect workers from exposure to crystalline silica from cutting stone.    

The Washington Monument, the highest stone-building in the world, re-opened in May after damage from an earthquake at the East coast in August 2011 (1, 2).

„MiddleEast Stone“ is the name of a trade fair to be held from May 18th – 21st 2015 in Dubai catering to the themes natural stone and ceramics. The organizers also realize the different Big5 fairs.    

The Italian trade magazine Marmomacchine focuses on the situation of the gravestone branch in Italy in its current issue (Nr. 236/2014). An author complains that companies are importing mass produced finished grave stones form Asia and thus are edging local stone masons out of the market.

Portuguese Companies want to quarry Paraguay marble according to La Nación.

Japanese architect Toyo Ito will give the keynote-lecture at this year’s fair Cersaie on September 25, 2014. He won the Pritzker award in 2013 and planed together with colleagues emergency shelters for the homeless of the Tsunami in March 2011.

Information on Geoparks in Europe is the theme of a webpage.

A super-sized printer was used by a Chinese company to build a 10 story building within 24 hours. One year ago Dutch FutureLAB of Architecture printed a small house.    

Removing grease stains from natural stone will be a theme in blogs this coming barbecue-season. It could offer a good opportunity for natural stone producers to get in touch with the public. The same holds true for cleaning natural stone swimming pools.

Video of the month: two new Japanese volcanic islets, Niijima and Nishno-Shima, have recently merged to form a single island which might hold its own in the ocean’s cartographic mapping (1, 2).

(02.06.2014, USA: 06.02.2014)