Silestone: two new colors „Noka” and „Rougui”

Silestone has released „Spring 2014”, a new collection composed of two colors „Noka” and „Rougui”, characterized by their fine grain toasted and cream tones that are a perfect match for the most modern design and decorative projects.

The Polished finish offers a more intense and attractive shine and the Suede finish provides the most advanced matt texture of quartz surfaces, however both Noka and Rogui offer wide creative possibilities for professionals in the world of architecture and interior design.

Both tones were created to complete the well-known series „Basiq” by Silestone, designed especially by Cosentino for large scale architecture and design projects such as hotels, restaurants and hospitals.

Basiq by Silestone now consists of a total of eight colors: Blanco City, Niebla, Marengo, Crema Urban, Toffe, Amarillo Monsul and the new Noka and Rougui.

Source: Cosentino


„Rougui“. Photos: Cosentino(12.06.2014, USA: 06.12.2014)