Briefly noted

Global distribution of the affluent, can be looked up in the Global Wealth Report by the Boston Consulting Group. Note that the latest regional shift of millionaires will see the Asia-Pacific-Region overtaking Western Europe this year. 2018 could see them overtaking even the USA for first position.

Trade magazine Nowy Kamieniarz has published Poland’s stone branch figures (Polish).

Saving water as an important ecological point of interest is the subject of the ceramic industry’s trade magazine „cer magazine“ (Nr 33). In Italy alone some 414 million m³ of water might be saved by refurbishing toilets alone.
Art and handicraft in natural stone from Apulia can be seen on the website of Primato Pugliese.

During the past year, Angola has exported some 29,000 m³ natural stone worth a total of 8.6 million US-$, according to the Ministry for Geology and Mining. The country now also boasts a natural stone trade organization, the Associação Angolana da Indústria de Rochas (ANIROCHAS) (Portugese).

Stone elements for garden design by British Company Triton Stone.

Jury and Winners Cosentino Design Challenge 2014. Foto: CosentinoThe Spanish multinational Cosentino has announced the winners of the 8th edition Cosentino Design Challenge 2014. Prizes are awarded in two categories, architecture and design. Each category was awarded with three individual prizes of 1.000 Euros each. Die participants had to make use of a material produced by the Cosentino Group. The architecture category received a total of 72 applications and 140 projects were presented for the design category. Cosentino Group is Gold Sponsor of the World Sustainable Building Conference (World SB14), which will take place from the 28th to the 30th October in Barcelona (1, 2).

Six materials, which might change the building industry in the future are introduced in the magazine Business Insider. Among them, mixing bacteria in concrete – in case a crack develops, the bacteria activated through precipitation and water added, will immediately fill the gap by synthesizing calcite.

Video of the month: calmly presented – the pallet of natural stone kitchen counter-tops by US Stonemasters Company (1, 2, 3).

(18.07.2014, USA: 07.18.2014)