Decormarmi: Growth for the „Kreoo“ brand

Decormarmi Company has expanded the repertoire of its brand Kreoo by several new models: specifically using a mix of materials, and new ornaments for the surfaces and flexible furniture design. The creations are the work of Enzo Berti.

The series, in which the material mix comes to its own, goes by the name of „Ducale“ and plays on Venician palazzo décor. It includes wall and floor tiles in which e.g. brass, Murano-glass or semi-precious stones are imbedded in the natural stone material. Our photo far top shows example by the name of „Baguette“.

Decormarmi, Enzo Berti: „Carrè“.

Decormarmi, Enzo Berti: „Étoile“.

Decormarmi, Enzo Berti: „Pois“.

Varieties by the name of „Étoile“, „Carrè“ and „Pois“ have different inlays and shapes.

Decormarmi, Enzo Berti: „Filigrana“.

Enzo Berti’s surface décor for the well-tried bath collection „Nabhi“ is new and available in a variety of models under the name of „Filigrana“.

Decormarmi, Enzo Berti: „Filigrana“.

Decormarmi, Enzo Berti: „Filigrana“.

The interplay of ornaments on natural stone structures is most appealing.

Decormarmi, Enzo Berti: „Grove“.

„Grove“ is a new modular bench which derives its name from the mangroves. The design is reminiscent of the ecosystem’s rhizophora. The backrests are equipped with flexible wooden rods to allow for imaginative implementation…

Decormarmi, Enzo Berti: „Grove“.

… e.g. for seating in opposite directions or across from one another, ideas which Enzo Berti has exercised in the past with other furniture under the Kreoo trademark.

Decormarmi, Enzo Berti: „Moon“.

„Moon“ is also new. Here the table is crafted in the shape of a half-moon into which the matching stool fits like a hand in a glove allowing for flexible arrangement.

Decormarmi, Enzo Berti: „Moon“.

The legs are made of metal and the seat is crafted in marble. The table-top is available in wood or marble and measures 50 cm in diameter, 43 cm in height.

Decormarmi, Enzo Berti: „Gong“.

New for „Gong“ is that the interior of the washbasin is coated whereby the gamut ranges from colors to gold-leaf.
All models are available in a variety of stone types. Below two well-tried models in new appearance.
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Photos: Decormarmi

Decormarmi, Enzo Berti: „Nabhi“, Blue Sodalite.Decormarmi, Enzo Berti: „Cashmere“, onyx

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