Product design: Natural Stone – Electricity – Communication

The name „Clique“ is a premonition of the focal center of the collection: electricity and every-day appliances. In fact the unusual ties of furniture and equipment e.g. for communication or for household-use.
Designers were Claudio Larcher and Simone Simonelli, both lecturers at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, and Filippo Protasoni, lecturer at the European Institute of Design in Milan.

Materials used were Marble, Valchromat (a further development of wood fiberboard) and wood. Participants in development and marketing were Odone Marmi and Linea Design Companies.

Clique Editions (Smart matters)

Photos: Silvia Rivoltella (Mail)

„Refill“: waiting-room seating-system with rest table for mobile phones and charging station in marble.„K“ is a miniature kitchen with tablet-docking-station and hot-plate as well as a drawer – probably thought for vegetarians rather than meat-eaters.„Cimmy“ is an ultrasound humidifier which is regulated by pivoting the lid.„Echo“ is an ironing board qua book-case with blue-tooth speaker-boxes. Caution: not to be used as a hair-dyer – but rather as head-phones.„Heatty“: fan heater with rest table for clothing.(from left to right) Filippo Protasoni, Simone Simonelli, Claudio Larcher.(12.09.2014, USA: 09.12.2014)