Design: Marble blocks for office-use

Sanchez(February 2008) Innovative Design: the spanish company Mármoles Luis Sánchez developed an office table in form of a marble block. The table’s material is white, polished Macael marble. It’s four slabs are barely thiner than one inch (two centimeters) and three of them are settled right over the basement. As the company based in the south Spanish city of Almeria describes, the „Block’s Table” can be used both indoors and outside.

The design is quite seminal also due to the fact that it’s very composition ensures intellectual property: the stone slabs’ junctions are placed in such a way that it gives one the impression of a single massive marble block. It hinders very much unauthorized copies and piracy, once it is hardly possible to replicate the original model without the proper material.

Mármoles Luis Sánchez