Joe Doucet: Natural stone furniture ready for assembly

Reasonable implementation of marble for everyday furniture usually fails the test due to its mass. Unless, of course, as demonstrated by New York designer Joe Doucet with his table „Annex“, the furniture in question can be assembled on site.

Joe Doucet: „Annex“.

The two side-tables were commissioned by New Yorker Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, who wanted something very special for the New York Design Week 2014. The material used is Arabescato marble originating from the Carrara area. The surface is hand honed.

Joe Doucet: „Annex“.

„We wanted each piece to have the precise texture I likened to touching the leg of Michelangelo’s David“, according to the designer. The ensuing object was not meant to be a work of art, but rather a household item which should produce a minimum of waste from start to finish. The precise cuts are made possible by means of a water jet.

Joe Doucet: „Annex“.

The pieces are distributed exclusively through the Museum’s online-shop and are delivered ready for assembly in neat flat parcels. Two persons can assemble the three pieces with ease.

Doucet points out the charm in the contrast between noble material and simple functionality.
Across the board the price of the tables is 2,650.00 US-$ be it for the 24” (60 cm) high table with a 16” (approx. 40 cm) table top or for the 13” (approx. 33 cm ) high version with a table top measuring 26” (approx. 66 cm).

Joe Doucet

Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Shop

Photos: Kendall Mills

(26.09.2014, USA: 09.26.2014)