Marble kitchen counter-top for outdoor barbeques

The natural stone kitchen counter-top finds new use – at least according to Spanish designer Sonia Flores. In cooperation with Marmoles Arpiba she has developed a mobile outdoor barbeque at the Centro Technológico de Piedra (Ctap), which contains everything you need within arm’s reach.

„Stove n“ is the name of the work-surface cum barbecue. The name is a play on words comprising and combining stove and stone. Of course the guiding principle is natural material in natural colors for natural food.

To the left next to the charcoal grill pit, a work surface has been integrated. And to the right, a stone pit for storage of meat is provided.
Next to it, a space for storage of spices etc. and for greenery to flavor the meat is provided.

The functions can be swapped from left to right for left-handed cooks. The surface is also available in a variety of sizes and can be equipped with additional function areas.

The work-surface rests on a trestle or is wall-mounted.

Macael-based Ctap in Andalusia supports local companies in the stone branch with technology and supports projects in which natural stone products are developed.


Marmoles Arpiba

Photos/Renderings: Sonia Flores

Sonia Flores: „Stove n“.

(08.10.2014, USA: 10.08.2014)