Natural stone onboard Mercedes-Benz‘ luxury-motorhome

Why, dear readers, are we showing the Mercedes-Bens „Zetros“ motorhome? Could the vehicle equipped with a 326 hp engine be suitable for transporting or working natural stone?

Mercedes-Benz: „Zetros“ 2733 A.

Mercedes-Benz: „Zetros“ 2733 A.

Of course not. Natural stone is part of the interior cladding. The walls of the shower cabin, the counter-top surface and the table are all made of 8 mm-thick natural stone in the model shown here. Hünerkopf Company of Germany is a specialist for exclusive automobile interiors. Usually 3 mm-thick natural stone or thinner is used. But with a total mass of 18 t, the material used here could be somewhat thicker.

Mercedes-Benz: „Zetros“ 2733 A.

The original shown on our photo was shipped to Mongolia and is being driven there.
The fact that natural stone can be used at all is a result of a special construction: the „living quarters“, which truly deserve the name, are completely separated from the chassis due to an intricate feat of engineering.

Mercedes-Benz: „Zetros“ 1833 A.

A specialist for such constructions is Hartmann Company of Germany.

Mercedes-Benz: „Zetros“ 1833 A.

The dual ax kid brother of the Zetros model shown here, has already been furbished with natural stone by Hünerkopf Company: The model on the photo here comes with a natural stone frame around the counter top.

Mercedes-Benz: „Zetros“ 1833 A.

The large surfaces were made of special glass reminiscent of broken material.

Here some specs:
Three ax Zetros 2733 A 6×6: 8.93 m long, 2.53 m wide
Dual ax Zetros 1833 A 4×4: 7.78 m long, 2,53 m wide.


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Hünerkopf Innenausbauten

Hartmann Spezialkarossen

Photos: Daimler-Werkfoto