Dekton by Cosentino with 5 new colors inspired by natural stone

Cosentino informs: „Dekton, the new ultra-compact surface by the Cosentino Group created for the world of architecture and design, launches 5 new colours that highlight the beauty and purity of natural stone.

In honour of the beauty that Nature has shared with us for millions of years, every creation of this new line encompasses unique design patterns with magnificent veining to evoke the most exquisite natural materials. These new colours stand out for their delicate harmony and incomparable beauty.

These new references, called „Aura“, „Edora“, „Irok“, „Kairos“ and „Vegha“, are added to Dekton by Cosentino’s initial palette which was created at the start of 2013… With their addition, the Dekton range now has 15 colours, divided into 3 different collections: Solid Collection, Natural Collection and Tech Collection.

Dekton by Cosentino: „Aura“.

Dekton by Cosentino: „Aura“.

„Aura“ stands out in particular as it embodies a new design concept: Thanks to 8 unique designs, compositions can be created where the veining continues from one slab to the next, giving a true mirror bookmatching effect.“

Source: Cosentino

Dekton by Cosentino: „Edora“.
Dekton by Cosentino: „Irok“.
Dekton by Cosentino: „Kairos“.
Dekton by Cosentino: „Vegha“.(06.10.2014, USA: 10.06.2014)