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Jerusalem Stone from Israel is the cladding the monumental remake of the Temple of Salomon situated in São Paulo. The Temple was built by the „Universal Church of the Kingdom of God“. 10,000 believers can worship in the 55 m high house of God – as high as an 18-story building (1, 2).

Dry-walling is the theme of a blog in Canada.

Three tons of the conglomerate Nagelfluh were sent on their way to China by the Swiss Railway to promote tourism. The rock is to be set up next to Mount Emei Shan, the holy mountain with a similar peak as that in Rigi. In return, a similarly large piece will travel from China to Switzerland in the spring of 2015. It is hoped that the campaign will attract visitors from the Far East. The Swiss contribution was provided by Emilio Stecher AG (German).

Photo: Eloïse GaillouThe giant „Blue Moon“ diamond will be on exhibit until January 6th 2015 in the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. The faultless gem weighs 12 carats and was found in the South African Cullinan Mine and cut in 6 months of intricate precision. Cora Company purchased the raw gem, which weighed 30 carats, for 26 million US-$. The value of the „Blue Moon“has not yet been appraised.

England’s Stonehenge was originally a complex including a number of religious facilities all around the stone circle as geological surveys have discovered.    

(19.10.2014, USA: 10.19.2014)