Briefly noted

The landing site has been determined, and, if all goes well, Philae will be released from the space probe Rosetta on November 12th to land on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko (1, Video).

Euroroc, Europe’s umbrella trade organization for natural stone, elected Tobias Eckhardt of the Swiss natural stone trade organization NVS as its president for the coming two year. We will be publishing an interview with him shortly.    

Working with pebbles and steel, Italian artist Nerio Festa, now living in California.    

The German Natural-Stone-Prize will be awarded to projects from throughout Europe again in 2015, provided the works used European natural stone and the stone was worked in Europe. The prize is awarded in 4 categories and carries a purse of 30,000 €. It is awarded jointly by the German Natural Stone Trade Organization and the Organization of German Architects. Submissions can be made online until December 31st 2014 (German).

Fire was widely used in quarrying in Ancient Egypt has been confirmed by new research. Archeologist and specialist for natural stone, Per Storemyr, lectures on the discovery on his blog.

Shells and casings made of ultra-thin slate for mobile phones or tablet-computers are made by German Roxxlyn company.

Works of Matthew Simmonds will be shown at the „Contemporary Sculture“ exhibit until December 9, 2014 at the Medici Gallery in London (1, 2).

Sculptures in Taranaki Andesite Stone will be exposed at the Real Tart (Taranaki Art) Gallery in New Plymouth, New Zealand from November 04 until 29, 2014.    

British Lapicida company has opened its first showrooom in the US in New York City.

At the Pocatello Arts Council’s stone symposium in Idaho early October 2014 youngsters could watch stone artists at work and learn creative techniques.    

Accessories in natural stone for wine bottles by Italian-based It’s Stone Company.

Video of the month: the eruption of Mount Saint Helens on May 18th 1980 is one of the best studied volcanic events in history worldwide.    

(02.11.2014, USA: 11.02.2014)