Meeting point for the stone branch with a view toward Eastern Europe

From November 26th to 29th 2014, the industrial city of Poznań will be the place to be for the building industry and the stone branch from Middle and Eastern Europe. Last year’s fair with its venue in direct proximity of the central station accommodated 170 exhibitors spread across 10,000 m² and welcomed some 6,000 visitors. The majority of visitors were from Poland but visitors from neighboring countries were also among them, e.g. from Germany, Belarus and Russian Kaliningrad.

In the recent past, the trade fair was known under the name Kamień-Stone and was a joint venture with a Wrocław-based organizer. For the first time Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie (MTP) of Poznań has taken on the role of organizer.

Machinery and stone masonry tools are one of the core themes of the fair. A special area of the fairgrounds is reserved for testing the machinery. As was the case last year, the trade magazine Świat Kamienia will be sponsoring a sandblasting competition.

Natural stone design will be another center of focus of the supporting program. The trade magazine Nowy Kamieniarz will be holding a workshop for students from November 27th to 28th for design in natural stone.
Lubosz Karwat, mosaic artist will be tutoring interested participants in the craft of laying mosaic in stone.

Joanna Mizerska is the trade fair’s director.

Joanna Mizerska is the trade fair’s director (Tel. +48 61 869 2384, Mail).

Joanna Sypniewska is responsible for visitors to the fair (Tel. +48 61 869 22 16, Mail).

Stone, Poznan, November 26th to 29th 2014

Simultaneously Poznań will be hosting the „Sakralia“ Trade Fair for church furniture and liturgical and devotional objects (November 26th to 28th) and the „Memento“ for funerals (November 28th to 30th).

(13.11.2014, USA: 11.13.2014)