Briefly noted

In the village of Barra de São Francisco in Brazil’s northern State of Espírito Santo natural stone slabs are used to restore small bridges which have been washed away. The foundation is made of chunks of rock stacked to the needed height. The lanes, with a max. length of 7 m are also made of waste rock. The material is supplied free of charge by companies. The community provides the labor (Portuguese).

In the Videomarmoteca not far from Verona, a „Marmo Rio Day“ was held during Marmomacc Trade Fair. Some 30 representatives of companies and institutions form Brazil’s State of Rio de Janeiro were on site to attract investors. Rio de Janeiro was once one of the most important stone producing regions of Brazil and producing mostly marble (Italian).

To acquire the Table of Teschen, Paris’ Louvre is currently looking for sponsors. The table is reminiscent of an episode of European history in which a war was averted in 1779 by means of diplomatic negotiations. The table top is made of a mosaic of semi-precious stones.

Armed with a concrete drill bit Larry Turner travels from one town fair to the next along the West Coast of the USA and drills holes in rocks, so that they may be used as wine bottle stands. His company is called Native Wine Rocks (1, 2).

Hollywood’s Walk of Fame Stars are being copied by Starfame Company and can be ordered to bear the name of customers (German).

(16.11.2014, USA: 11.16.2014)