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Manhattan’s One World Trade Center, where the Twin Towers once stood, was officially inaugurated in November 2014. It contains a number of references to its precursor: The lobby is clad in the same Carrara Marble as was used in the WTC. The similarities are meant to call to memory the 3,000 or so innocent men and women who lost their lives in the 9/11 attack (1, 2).

Latest news: The construction boom in Nigeria and Angola is the topic of a webpage by Veronafiere on occasion of the new MS Africa & Middle East fair to held in Cairo from December 11th to 14th. At the event, exhibitors and visitors will be brought together by pre-scheduled b2b-meetings (1, 2).

A stainless steel grid provides decorative elements in natural stone by „Edelstahl Naturstein Design“ (German).

Stone circles presumed to originate from prehistoric times in what is now the Kingdom of Jordan and South East Turkey are the subject of a report in the Washington Post. They were discovered in the 1920s and soon forgotten.

Household items in marble are the new trend according the magazine InStyle.

The 28th annual Premios Macael were awarded for excellence in the use of marble (Spanish).

Natural stone is an often-used building material in real-estate offered on the website.

„Ouvrages en pierre sèche ou faiblement hourdés” appel à projets du ministère de l’Ecologie, du développement Durable et de l’énergie, et „Restauration des murs de soutènement en pierre sèche” appel à projets du ministère de la Culture, journée de restitution des projets de recherche, 30 janvier 2015 à l’Ecole Centrale de Lyon. Fédération Française des Professionnels de la Pierre Sèche.    

Home building in the USA is the theme of the Marble Institute of America’s (MIA) Blog.

Video of the Month: rock balancing is a topic of Mother Nature Network’s site. We had previously reported on an artist in this context (1, 2).

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