Briefly noted

Ants expedite the erosion of stone and thus probably play an important role in climate transition. The crawling creatures transform silicate into carbonate extracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere (then deposited as limestone), according to research by Prof. Ronald Dorn of the Arizona State University (1, 2).

Gardener unearths Anglo-Saxon carving in job lot of rockery stone, The Telegraph reports.

Sandstone as a building material in the Département Lorraine’s farm houses in France are the subject of an online article. The touristic website of an architectural office focuses on the same theme (French 1, 2, 3).

Antique Egyptian quarries set to become objects of the World Heritage, so a concept study in which ancient sites are deemed important archeological sources for craftsmanship, engineering and organization thousands of years ago.

Photo: IMM CarraraThe Carrara Trade Fair is expanding its network in the Chinese city of Yunfu. A delegation visited Italy in May 2014 recently reciprocated by Italian companies which presented their stone-processing machinery there, according to a press release. The area of Yunfu is rich in minerals, which is why it is dubbed „Land of Stone“. Yunfu is situated in the Province of Guangdong, bordering on Fujian in the West with the natural stone capital Xiamen.

Greece is expecting growth of 2.9% in 2015.    

A piece of jasper which looks like pork and a jadeite resembling Chinese cabbage are the subject of a report on BBC. Both famous pieces originate from Taiwan and were recently exhibited in the Japanese Kyushu National Museum.

Video of the month: a giant marble bird’s wing was produced by British Lapicida Company realizing a draft by artist Christopher Le Brun.    

(16.12.2014, USA: 12.16.2014)