Bring the dream of the tropical rainforest into your bathroom with natural stone

Is that a jaguar peeking out from behind the shower curtain?

The bathroom collection „Jungle Wash“ conceived by French designer José Lévy for Italian marble specialist Up Group conjures images of a tropical rainforest complete with emerald-green as in the „Guatemala“ Marble chock full of organic virility while the running water of the shower provides a sense of wellness and energy.

José Lévy, Up Group: „Jungle Wash.

To reinforce the impression the outer surfaces are left rough. Only the inner surface is polished for ease of cleaning.

And the front of the wall-mounted cabinet is also left rough.

José Lévy, Up Group: „Jungle Wash.

Accessories are also finished in green marble, i.e.: the tooth brush as well as the hairbrush (devoid of bristles) and cylindrical cups which double up as storage space.
For client seeking other colors, the collection is available in a variety of stone types according to Matteo Baldini of Up Group.

Up Group

José Lévy

Photos: Matteo Baldini – A_TRATTIPH

(22.12.2014, USA: 12.22.2014)