Bau: World’s Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems

Once again around 2,000 exhibitors from all over the world will be presenting architectural solutions, materials and systems at Bau 2015. Alongside the familiar organization into products, materials and themes, the world’s leading fair in this field will be focusing more intensively on a solutions-oriented approach. The aim is to ensure exhibitors can also be found in those sections where they offer solutions for a specific application. As a result, the section on tiles and ceramics is moving right into the centre of the show into Hall A4, where Natural Stone is traditionally located, and chemical building products are being given a dedicated entrance area in the eastern part of the exhibition center.

In Halls A and A2, on display is stoneware, sand-lime bricks, concrete, pumice and fiber-cement building materials, plasters/renders, screeds and insulation materials.

Roofing constructions, incl. roof windows, will take up all of Hall A3, as before. Here, the brick and tile industry will be showcasing its entire repertoire – from wall blocks and roofing tiles to complete building components, including energy-generating systems.

The manufacturers of floor coverings – from elastic (linoleum, PVC, rubber, cork) and textile to laminates and parquet – are moving from Hall B6 to Hall A5, and also taking up half of Hall A6. Floor coverings, which until now have been divided between Halls B6, A6 and A4, are therefore now on show in a continuous display area.

Chemical building products and building tools now have a new home in the space made free in Hall B6. Leading manufacturers will be showing how their extensive ranges – from insulation materials to plasters, renders, paints, varnishes and adhesives – can be used on facades and in interiors. Also covered are solutions for fire protection and acoustic insulation. Joining the chemical building products manufacturers in Hall A6 will be the suppliers of floor coverings.

Things are happening in the north of the exhibition center, too: Bau IT will be taking up almost all of Hall C3 – accessed directly from the North Entrance. This will further enhance the status of this section as the biggest display of its kind in Europe.

Halls B1 and C1 are dedicated as before to facades and solar-shading systems, and profiles made of aluminum. Covering a total of 20,000 square meters of space, this section also includes machinery and equipment for working with aluminum and steel-

In 2015, building, facade, solar-shading and energy-generating systems in steel are again on display in Hall B2, alongside systems and products in stainless steel, zinc and copper.

Close by, also in Hall B2, is the section on energy and solar technology. Manufacturers will be demonstrating how to integrate technical solutions aesthetically into building architecture.

Gate and door systems, including parking systems, will again be situated in Hall B3 and a small part of Hall C3.

In Hall B5 will be an extensive display of products from the wood and plastics industry. Here the focus is on structural timber, interior fittings and wood derivatives.

In Hall C2 the leading players in the international glass industry will be showcasing their latest developments and products in glass and glass architecture. Other themes here are building automation and building
management systems.

Doors and windows of wood, plastic, glass and aluminum, plus locks and fittings – these products will be on display in a continuous area covering a total of 21,000 square meters of space in Halls C4 and B4. Here, the trade visitors will find manufacturers and suppliers in close proximity to each other. One key theme is building security. On show will be a range of different concepts and systems.

„Investing in the Future“ is the motto in Hall B0. Here, for example, visitors will be able to make contact with institutes and associations in the building industry. In the Forum in Hall B0 the themes of building research and funding will be in the spotlight. There will be a separate series of talks on the subject of renovation and modernization.

The Long Night of Architecture offers architectural walks through the city of München. Apart from the visit of the Sea Life Buildung, all venues are free of charge. The bus shuttle is also free.

Bau, München, January 19-24, 2015

Source: Bau

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