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In Europe the natural stone trade organizations have published an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) which compares sustainability of a variety of building materials. Some readers had contacted us and remarked that the stone branch should not waste funds for such efforts. But in the USA the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) has recently drafted an EPD for ceramic tiles. Here, too, the aim is clear: convince architects of the superiority of a product (1, 2).

Succulents are plants which often take on the appearance of rocks. Conversely some people put efforts into making rocks look like plants (1, 2).

A stone-tool is delivered along with the lamp by Rumanian designer Dragos Motica. The customer can design his lampshade to suit his taste by crushing a concrete block.

„Stratum“. Photos: Grassi Pietre„Stratum“ is he name of an armchair made of natural stone and was designed by Setsu and Shinobu Ito, originally from Japan, for Italia-based Grassi Pietre Company. The piece was made of Pietra di Vicenza limestone. Grassi Pietre was founded as a family enterprise in 1850 and has relied on design and value added stone manufacturing for many years.

Paleolithic engravings in Northern Egypt’s Wadi Abu Subeira are the subject of a report by Per Storemyr in his blog.

Portland Limestone will be the stone of choice for the Mass Extinction Memorial Observatory situated on England’s South Coast. Its aim is to commemorate the 860 odd types of animals extinct since the 17th century. It is to be constructed as a spiral at the top of a quarry.

Spherical stones dating back to Pre-Columbian Times are part of the Festival of Indigenous People in Costa Rica’s Rey Curré.

Video of the Month: Inhabitants of Peru’s rain forest have recently presented a mythical cliff in a film. The rock seems to emulate a human profile and may have been chiseled into the rock by Harkbut Indians in prehistoric times. The backdrop of the tribal secrets is the controversial mining for gold in the Indian reservation.

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