Akdo Mosaic tiles: New collection plays with decorative patterns

Akdo: „Allure“.

„Allure“ is a play on lines by Akdo, Turkish Silkar’s well known design brand. Seen as an entire mural design, the collection comes in a variety of three patters, lines from ceiling to floor and wall to wall, closed surface patterns, and last but not least, single lines in the wall helter-skelter.

Akdo: „Allure“.Akdo: „Allure“.

The basic material is marble. The lines are made of various types of stone or reflecting inlay in copper, silver or tin, suitable for repeating color schemes in kitchen or bathroom fittings.

Akdo: „Allure“.

The distinguishing factor common to all Akdo products is the design conceived in the company and realized in craftsmanship. The firm is quick to emphasize that it can also realize individual customers’ design ideas and produce tiles in cut-to-size.

Akdo: „Lace“.

„Lace“ is another collection novelty. As the name implies, the line reflects 16th century lace-weaving in stone mosaic.

Akdo: „Lace“.

Shapes derived from nature were always a favorite with fashion-designers, e.g. grape vines, twigs, flowers or trees.

Akdo: „Fabric“.

And, last but not least, „Fabric“: here, too, dressmaking was the model forerunner, but this time in form of Scottish plaid men’s apparel. In contrast to the aforementioned novelties, the stone is not polished but honed. A variety of color combinations are conceivable.

Three new types of marble were launched on the market: „Dark Olive“, „Tawny Beige“ und „Caffe Latte Dark“.


Photos: Akdo/Silkar

Silkar: „Dark Olive“.Silkar: „Tawny Beige“.Silkar: „Caffee Latte Dark“.

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