Briefly noted

In the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel new LED-lighting has made frescoes more prominently visible. Also a new ventilation system now protects art work from excessive humidity introduced by some 6 million visitors each year. Michelangelo’s paintings depict numerous scenes according to the old testament some of which contain replicas of marble.    

The petrified dunes of „The Wave“ in the USA and China’s „Stone Forest“ are two natural phenomena which can be seen on a website.

Stone collages can be seen on the site on Pinterest.

Photo: LapicidaFragments of classical marble sculptures by Lapicida Company of Great Britain have been added to the their range of products. Each piece depending on size and age costs from 250 – 795 £.

Slate paving in Japan’s Kumano Kodo leads to the mountains and numerous shrines. The pilgrimage was first undertaken by the country’s nobility to seek close proximity to the Gods.    

Video of the Month: Swiss artists of bureau A have set up a hut in the shape of a rock on a ledge (video, 1).

(18.02.2015, USA: 02.18.2015)