Scandola Marmi: natural stone that provides a place for everything and puts everything in its place

Household items in natural stone to put everything in its place in the office or at home are the focal point of works which Manuel Barbieri, designed for the Italian Scandola Marmi Company. „Cube“ e.g.: a trilogy of cubic shapes suitable for storage of various items. The pieces are available in 3 different types of marble: White Carrara, Nero Marquina and Oriental Grey. Other objects can be made from these types of stone to match.

Manuel Barbieri, Scandola Marmi: „Bridge“.

A place for pens and pencils: „Bridge“ also provides the possibility of holding stationary in the cut grooves.

Manuel Barbieri, Scandola Marmi: „Street“.

„Street“ will conveniently hold your mobile phone or tablet in an upright position. The object itself is small due to its mass. The cut-out design is reminiscent of a street map.
The objects are being marketed online by Lovethedesign or at Renanscente (Milan), Barneys (New York), Llot Lov (Berlin), Fleux (Paris) and Manifesto (Panama).

Scandola Marmi

Manuel Barbieri


Photos: Scandola Marmi

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