TCC Whitestone: „sentimental and unique pieces of art in natural stone“

„We tailor innovative, sentimental and unique pieces of art in natural stone“, the motto of the Portuguese TCC Whitestone Company. Here we present the Porto-based Company’s „Decor“ collection. Their claim to fame is simple shapes and clear lines, enhanced by high value material and elaborate craftsmanship.

In the sideboard „Grammi“ e.g. the Kendzo Marble is combined with a thin walnut wood veneer. The pedestal is made of anodized steel and seemingly allows the piece to lift off and float. The stone slabs are 1.2 cm thick. The thin stone sheets are mounted – as in all the pieces of the collection – on MDF Plates.

TCC Whitestone: „Trigono“.

Or „Trigono“: an Estremoz Rosa Aurora Vigaria Marble. The table top is a 200 x 50 x 1,2 cm stone sheet. The stringent lines are interrupted by a playful accent through the cut-out grips in the drawers’ upper right corners.

TCC Whitestone: „Atir“.

„Atir“ in Ochiro Marble repeats the floating ability. The lacquered milled brass pedestal is a special design idea. The furniture can actually do without it because it is wall mounted.

TCC Whitestone: „Solinas“.

The low „Solinas“ coffee table is designed in the style of the 1950’s. The stone slab is made of Estremoz Rosa Aurora Vigaria Marble.

TCC Whitestone Company was founded in 2007. The name is a combination of acronym of the parent company Teixeira da Costa & Costa and the management’s passion for white marble. The material originates from Greek, Italian and Portuguese quarries. The drafts for „Decor“ originate from the Fábio Teixeira, Sérgio Costa and Jorge Dias-creative-team. „Origin” was conceived by architect Jorge Patrício.

TCC Whitestone

Photos: TCC Whitestone

TCC Whitestone: „Podium“.TCC Whitestone: „Origin“.

(23.02.2015, USA: 02.23.2015)