A new lease on life for Versailles’ marble

„Palais“ Cheminée: Red marble from Saint Pons, L 156 x H 130 x P 35 cm, unique piece.

Should the beholder have a sense of déjà-vu when contemplating the Collection „Palais“ (Palace) by French designer Pierre Gonalons, he might be surprised to find the reason when taking the train from Paris to Versailles. In the Trianon of the Palace Gardens he will find walls dating back to Luis XIV made of the same marble and bearing the same ornaments.

Grand Trianon, Versailles.

Natural stone aficionados will be quick to ask: why revive just this type of marble at precisely this point in time through the „Palais“ Collection?

Tireless branch consultant, Françoise Naudet, had the idea and contacted Marbres de France Company. The renowned firm owns the quarries near Saint-Pons-de-Thomières, from whence the colorful Versailles-marbles originated.

Almost unfathomable, as the town is situated in the South of France almost near the Mediterranean Coast!

„Palais“ Low table (2015): Red marble, L 120 x H 45 x P 60 cm, Limited edition.

CEO Nagib Chbeir and Carles Jounot, in charge of sales and development, were convinced that exclusive designer objects are the way to get today’s architects and designers interested in materials from yesteryear.
Designer Pierre Gonalons was the perfect call for the creative project. He wanted the timeless elegance and expression known from Versailles and combine it with natural stone.

„Palais“ Console: Red marble, L 120 x H 80 x P 30 cm,Limited edition.

And through him, the Paris-based Armel Soyer Galery which caters to luxurious tastes in interior design, joined the project. As a rule pieces are produced in strictly limited editions of 8 to 10 objects.

„Palais“ Collection can be seen at Armel Soyer up until April 30th 2015.
And the pieces..?

Suffice it to mention that these comprise of a fireplace, console, pedestal table, low table and a centerpiece.

Marbres de France

Pierre Gonalons

Françoise Naudet

Armel Soyer, Ausstellung „Palais“ bis 30. April 2015

Photos: Gilles Pernet

French trade magazine Pierre Actual has repeatedly reported on the quarry and its material. Download text for 5€/article (French 1, 2).

„Palais“ Pedestal table, marble Fleur de pêcher, L 40 x H 110 x P 40 cm, Limited edition.„Palais“ centerpiece, marble Perle de nacre, L 40 x H 15 x P 40 cm, Limited edition.

„Rouge“. Red marble. Foto: Marbres de France„Fleur de pêcher“. Foto: Marbres de France„Kuros Doré“. Foto: Marbres de France

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