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50 Shades of Grey, a movie based on sadomasochistic practices, shows a four-poster-bed surrounded by opulent natural stone décor and flooring. The scene, of course, is set not predominantly in the torture chamber but rather in the living room of the well-to-do. A slate producer’s thoughts on the subject: The SSQ Group shows a London Tube Wagon transporting female passengers exclusively, all of which are engrossed in a copy of the book, which is taken as a cue to inform readers on the shades of grey slate for roofing tiles (1, 2).

Soapstone mice as well as other animals in stone from Africa are available on a website by Belfast-based Aina Moja.

Sauna-Ovens with stone by Chilean Chicsa Company.

Examples of Lisboan pavement (Calçada Portuguesa) by Ernesto Matos can be seen in his book „Fanhões. Homines Petrae“ (Portuguese).

The Marble Institute of America (MIA) has announced the winners of this year’s Pinnacle Awards. The prize goes to member enterprises for outstanding works in natural stone in a variety of categories. By and by we will be reporting on some of the award-winners. Its 2015 Stone Industry Education Series will span eight cities and feature three distinct educational topics: Stone Shop Management, Stone Shop Administration, and Marketing in the Natural Stone Industry (1, 2).

Child Labor: As part of a three-year partnership program with support from British stone manufacturer Marshalls, Unicef has carried research in the quarrying industry in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Unicef will use the findings to develop long-term interventions to tackle child labor in the stone quarrying sector as said on a webpage.

Parallel to the Stonemart Natural Stone Trade Fair in Jaipur, India (January 29th to February 1st 2015) for the first time this year Jaipur also held the Architecture Festival. The next Stonemart will be held from February 02nd to 05th 2017.

Video of the Month: Street Boulder is the latest pastime for youths and entails climbing vertical walls. Walls made of natural stone are considered one of the easiest exercises (Video).

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