The Facebook-Age marble vase

Moreno Ratti: „aNoi“.

Nomen est omen: „aNoi“ is the name Italian Designer gave his marble vase. The name is a pun on the „Tower of Hanoi“ puzzle, in which a number of disks of different sizes have to be repositioned on three rods in a certain order.

The function of the vase, i.e. leak-proof property, is guaranteed by means of a stainless steel insert. Marble rings measuring 2 or 4 cm are stacked one on top of the other. aNoi is produced as a limited edition of only 12.

Moreno Ratti: „aNoi“.

Note the top ring which is fastened to the insert by means of a thread-connection ensuring that the rings are not misplaced.

We add: Ratti has produced a timeless vase for the Facebook-age: the rings can be rearranged day for day adding a daily incentive to post a selfie with the vase.

Moreno Ratti

Photos: Moreno Ratti

Moreno Ratti: „aNoi“.

(24.04.2015, USA: 04.24.2015)