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Until September 10th selfie photo-competition at the Cersaie Trade Fair (September 28th – October 2nd 2015). The object is to take a picture of one’s own feet or shoes and upload it under the Instagram-hashtag #SELfeet #Cersaie2015. The only prerequisite is that the feet or shoes stand on a ceramic, wood or natural stone floor. These materials are the focus of the Bologna Trade Fair. The best photos will be published on the Fair’s website and on the website of the Italian Ceramic Trade Organization. The best photographer will receive an invitation to the Cersaie for September 30th.

Marble mortar for the kitchen by Iberian Artensanía Muro Company. The Facebook-page shows black-and-white soccer balls in marble (1, 2).

In the British city of Leeds massive cobblestones are being nicked from sidewalks and resold according to the itv News-portal.

More than pizza, pasta and piazza. Italy’s Government has published an advertising video on local high-tech performance for other products than the mainstream clichés. The stone branch, although a world-wide leader in quality, is not mentioned. It only might be included under the aspect technology export.

„Symbio“. Photo: Felix Ruder„Symbio“ is the name Felix Ruder, Swedish student of architecture, gave his chair whose seat is made of granite chips as can be found in nature. The wooden legs are merely inserted and fall out if the chair is moved. It is meant to stay in place, as if man had disappeared from the surface of the Earth. Such a scenario was described by Alan Weismann in „The World Without Us“.

The Marble Institute of America (MIA) has issued a free technical bulletin that references fabrication and installation tolerances from a variety of sources dramatically reducing the time needed to obtain published tolerance standards.

„The most breathtaking natural wonder in every state“ is the title of a series of webpages showing a lot of stone sites in the US.

„Stonehenge’s tallest stone points at winter sunrise“ says a new theory about England’s famous stone-circle.

An Afghan refugee helped restore the marble War Memorial in the Australian city of Bunbury (1, 2).

Summer Stone Carving and Sculpture Workshops 2015 organized by the Portland Sculpture & Quarry Trust in England are online.

Indiana Limestone Company based in Oolitic, Indiana has a new webpage with special information for architects.

Foster + Partners Architects were chosen to plan the public transport system of Jeddah.

Athena Marmi, specialists for high end stone work in Italy’s Chiampo Valley, has refurbished its webpage.

Video of the Month: Jade City is the name of a town in Canada’s Province of British Columbia home to 35 jade miners who sell their stone exclusively to China. The Canadian affiliate of Discovery Channel made the town to the center of focus for one sequel in their „Jade Fever“ series (1, 2, 3).

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