Briefly noted

After a British community had begun to sell gravestones to their citizens, Parliament invoked a hearing as is reported in the Natural Stone Specialist Trade Journal (1, 2).

Bird baths made of natural stone are produced by Turkish Medsinai Company.

Concrete planters with natural stone cladding are on offer by Kevin Quinland of Aterville, Ireland.

„X-Edge“ is the name given to glass panes by British Master Products Company, in which by means of surface treatment photos of marble and other types of stone are transposed to glass.

The Spring 2015 Issue of the Building Stone Magazine is online.

„The Roof Garden Commission: Pierre Huyghe” will be on view from May 12 through November 1, 2015 (weather permitting) at the Met Museum of Art in New York City. „In his project, Pierre has approached the Museum as if it were a mine by excavating the site and incorporating objects that are sourced within the Museum’s collection, its architectural layers, and the geological history of Central Park“ as informs a press release.

Red Dot Award 1: Italian-based Teuco Company has received the coveted Red Dot Award for Best of the Best for its bathtub „I Bordi“ by designer Carlo Colombo. The webpage alludes to the possibility that the tub could also be realized in marble or engineered stone.

Red Dot Award 2: The Engineered Stone Neolith by Iberian The Size Company received a Red Dot Award 2015 in the category Product Design. The appearance of Carrara Marble in combination with engineered stone was deemed worthy.

A book by the title of „Minéraux de Bretagne“ informs readers on the minerals of Brittany in French language (Louis Chauris, Editions du Plat, 2014).

Video of the month: what ever happened to the concrete sculpture which artist Jason De Caires Taylor submerged between 2009 and 2013 off the coast of Cancun? (Video, 1)

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