New permanent exhibit „Trésors de la Terre“ in the Museum of Natural History in Paris

Monocle et binocle (monocle and pince-nez).

Trésors de la Terre“ (Treasures of the Earth) is the title of the new permanent exhibit in which the national Museum of Natural History in Paris shows some of the most beautiful minerals ever discovered. Since the year 1626, its experts has been collecting more than 130,000 pieces from all over this planet. Contributions also came from travelling scientists, passionate amateurs, monarchs, bankers or churchmen.

After 10 years of closing for restoration, the new presentation with some giant crystals has recently opened in the Galerie de Minéralogie et Géologie. The new presentation uses the latest technology for lighting so that all the beauty of nature’s creations is revealed in front of the visitor. Also are presented outstanding stone inlays.

Galerie de Minéralogie et Géologie (French)

Azurite and Malachite.Azurite.Shrubbery in gold.



Inlay of a Florentine table (detail).Inlay of a Florentine table (detail).

(26.05.2015, USA: 05.26.2015)