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„What your kitchen worktop choice says about you“ is the theme of the British House to Home Magazine. The web page reads: „cool, calm and very collected“ for people with marble counter-tops. A person with a granite counter will be asked „if you’re hard enough“. Engineered stone is a sign that you are „sleek, modern, solid and up to the beat“. Concrete, wood and steel, too, have their preconceived connotations.

„I’ve probably carved enough stone animal sculptures to occupy a small ark“ writes US-American stone mason and sculptor Walter S. Arnold on his web page. He even earns money by making plaster casts of the originals at a fraction of the cost (1, 2).

SNROC (short for Syndicat National des Industries de Roches Ornementales et de Construction) the French National Natural Stone Syndicate, has come up with a logo and a webpage. From there one can navigate via „Pierres Naturelles > „Lithotèque du CTMNC“ to an overview of local types of stone (French).

„Stone to build London“ is the title of a comprehensive book on Portland Stone and its uses.

Alabama-marble and its comeback is the topic of a report on a portal from the US state.

Pimar: „Cava“.„Cava“ (quarry) is the name Pimar Company has given its wall panels carrying production and manufacturing marks. The measure 60×60 cm and are 4 cm thick. The panels were introduced at the Salone de Mobile in Milan in April.

Pre-fabricated walls made of natural stone are produced by Iberian Empedrats Mestres Company.

Ideas for gabions are presented by María Alicia Hess Sangüesa on Pinterest.

Video of the Month: 27,5 t was the weight of an erratic boulder recently discovered in Northern German. It originated from the ice age and travelled via glacier from Scandinavia to the Hannover area. Its sheer size gives reason to reflect on the volume of ice masses propelled along the path of the glacier some 200,000 years ago. They may have been much greater than previously assumed. Up until now, it was assumed that they were 1,000 m thick or so (Video, German).

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