Zaha Hadid Collection 2015: galactic shapes of another kind?

Zaha Hadid, Citco: „Lunar Triptych Relief“.

Anglo-Iraqi designer Zaha Hadid is always good for a surprise. Whereas some of her architectural and design drafts referred to natural shapes or were even said to reflect female lines, one might think that she has taken off from this world and undertaken an odyssey to another cosmos. Some of her pieces are reminiscent of „Alien“, the 1979 science fiction movie with the insidious creature from outer space.

„Lunar Triptych Relief“ is one such piece. The Persian Green Onyx looks dangerous what with all its convolutions. It almost appears to have reproduced itself and might at this very moment be in the process of catapulting countless aliens into the universe.

Zaha Hadid, Citco: „Lunar Triptych Relief“.

But perhaps Zaha Hadid is, in reality, on her way home: the work, which is produced in a strictly limited edition as part of her collection, could also emulate a bed-sheet carelessly tossed aside.

Perhaps, the point is to emulate fluidity produced in a paradoxically non-fluid material. The dimensions of the work are L4500 x D870 x H195 mm.

As is the norm for works by Zaha Hadid, pieces are cut from a single block (not assembled from multiple pieces).

Zaha Hadid, Citco: „Quad“.

The table by the name of „Quad“ take us back to the aliens. In any event all five tables each different in size and made of four types of marble come in shapes hitherto unseen in this part of the galaxy…

Zaha Hadid, Citco: „Quad“.

… unless, of course, they are those seen again and again in a multitude of varieties in terrestrial flora. The contrast between old and new, which the architect of Iraqi origin lends her works, is particularly provocative.

Zaha Hadid, Citco: „Quad“.

Note in particular the cut out in the table top, which projects an unexpected window in shadow.

Zaha Hadid, Citco: „Tau“.

„Tau“ is a collection of vases.


Photos: Citco

Zaha Hadid, Citco: „Tau“.Zaha Hadid, Citco: „Tau“.

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