Gem cut marble

Paolo Ulian. Moreno Ratti: „Diamond“.

Giving natural stone a facetted cut, similar to that given to high-priced gems, is an idea which Italian designers Paolo Ulian and Moreno Ratti conceived for Purapietra by Moscato Marmi. The first piece of the series of washbasins bears the name „Diamond“.

Carrara Marble was used. Other types of natural stone in a variety of colors can also be implemented.

Paolo Ulian. Moreno Ratti: „Diamond“.

With their new design idea, the duo, long since active in marble and granite, have finally and definitely breached the barrier between natural stone and gemstones. The realization was simple. The surface of the washbasin was cut to facets as one would find on a cut diamond. These are triangles as one would find in the so-called rose-cut.

The facets, of course, do not reflect light which results in gem’s „fire“ since light does not transcend the natural stone as it does a gem.

But the facets liven up the stone particularly since the veins of change seemingly change direction without interrupting the lines.

Paolo Ulian. Moreno Ratti: „Diamond“.

„Diamond“ is available in sizes of 50 cm diameter x 18 cm height and 45 cm diameter x 15 cm height respectively. A slightly tilted version of both is available.

Moscato Marmi, Purapietra

Paolo Ulian

Moreno Ratti

Photos/Rendering: Moreno Ratti / Paolo Ulian

Paolo Ulian (left), Moreno Ratti.

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