„Giardini Incantati“ (enchanted gardens) consisting of natural stone refuse and other materials by Matthew Broussard

„The Garden of Eden“. Not for the apple, my shame. But for the name you gave me. 22x35x3 cm. Beola Grigia, natural split finish, iron, apple.

Italian Recycled Stone Company, as the name implies, is dedicated to reclaiming stone from natural stone manufacturing processes. We recently reported on its household products. Here, then, is the „Giardini Incantati“ (enchanted garden) collection comprising 7 miniature arrangements in an unusual implementation of natural stone remnants. The artist was Matthew Broussard. Partner was Studio Ghigos Ideas.

Broussard was born in Louisiana and raised in Dallas, Texas. After taking a degree in sculpture at the Maryland Institute in Baltimore in 1987 he worked as a blacksmith and artist before leaving for Europe. An essential part of his artistic sensibilities were formed during the three years spent tramping and working across Europe. The artist currently lives near Lago Maggiore in northern Italy and is represented in Germany by the De Freo Gallery group as well as by Galleria Tornabuoni in Florence and Galleria Bucaro in Varese, Italy. From 2001 he’s the curator of the Pocket Gallery.

Matthew Broussard

Pocket Gallery

Recycled Stones

Ghigos Ideas

Photos: Davide Crippa

„The Garden of Clouds“. Impermanence. We are traveling clouds. 22x35x3  cm. Marmo Palissandro Bluette, natural split, light brushed finish, iron.„The Garden to the Moon“. Within the breast, a moon. a magic. a dream. 22x35x3  cm. Alba Nera, drilling, natural split finish, iron, flower, test tube.„The Garden of Plenty“. Offering gratitude. 22x35x3 cm. Palissandro Nero, mill finish, iron, rice, mirror.„The Garden of Delights“. Suck the sweetness of a childhood memory. 22x35x3 cm Marmo Palissandro Bianco, laser jet, light brushed, polished finish, iron, candies.„The Garden of Mystery“. Ancestral signs. Imagine the unimaginable and make it possible. 22x35x3 cm. Serizzo Antigorio, Marmo Palissandro Bianco, natural split finish, iron, moss.„The Garden Where Nothing Grows“. Even in a vacuum, in black, in shadows beauty and wonder will open. 22x35x3 cm Marmo Nero Assoluto, polished finish, iron, salt, mirror.Matthew Broussard.

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