New trade fair: Singapore Stone Show from December 8th to 11th 2015

Organized under Turkish auspices, the Singapore International Stone, Marble and Ceramic Show aims to become a show with international participation.

Turkey is currently undertaking new efforts to advance its stone branch: from December 8th to 11th, the Singapore Stone Show will be held on the island-state and financial center. The Fair is organized by Expotim, a sister company of Ladin Fair, a trade fair organizer in operation since 1993 and authorized and licensed by the Turkish State.

Among Ladin Fairs’ activities are, e.g.: Kenya Building Week and many Turkish stands at international fairs. In 2000 Ladin Fair jointly organized a fair with partners from Greece. It is supported by the Ministry of Economy in Ankara.

The themes of the new Fair in Singapore are to be „natural stone, marble and ceramic“ as is shown by the full name. The fact that marble is a specific point of focus, reflects the strength of the Turkish economy: Turkey has the world-wide largest deposits in marble.

But the fair specifically aims to be an international event with international participation which is why it maintains a special agent for international contacts: sales representative Mehmet Elaltunterin answers questions by phone or mail.

Singapore was chosen as a fair site because „of its close proximity to China and because it is a buyers‘ market“, according to the prospectus and points out that the island located between Malaysia and Indonesia maintains special trade agreements to many interesting markets in the region.

Singapore International Stone, Marble and Ceramic Show


Mehmet Elaltunterin (Mail)
Tel: +90 212 212 16 16 Ext 126

(09.08.2015, USA: 08.09.2015)