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The Marble Institute of America (MIA) and the Building Stone Institute (BSI) unanimously voted at their respective July board meetings to ask the memberships of each organization to approve a 2-year joint venture to consolidate operations. A late November/early December membership vote is anticipated. This action concludes twelve months of discussions about the similarity of missions, focus, and duplication of efforts to serve the stone industry.

The famous Roman concrete (Opus caementititum) may have been discovered by chance after observing the natural combination of calcium and volcanic ash according to Per Storemyr’s blog. The Archeologist and specialist for natural stone implementation in ancient times discusses the findings of New Scientist Magazine critically.

Marble tables, emulating a piece of cloth tossed carelessly on the table’s surface, have been designed by US-designer Sean Knibb and built in Carrara.

Exclusive menues, covered in super thin slate are manufactured by Reischl Company of Austria.

Photo: Luca Santiago MoraBenches like Morse codes are on display at the Danish Maritime Museum in Helsingör. The pieces were manufactured in China in local granite. The idea for the benches originated from designer von Kibisi. The spectacular museum is situated underground in a former dry dock (1, 2).

A new type of brick is set to be made of industrial waste and will be produced using a minimum of energy. Scientists have developed the idea at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the USA. A self-repairing concrete was introduced by TU Delft (1, 2).

The US-American Stone Foundation will be holding a Stonework Symposium in January 2016 in the State of California including practical work and verbal contributions.

   A map of German natural stone deposits is now available in poster-size 65.3 x 92.5 cm. It shows some 200 deposits and shows what stone is quarried there. The posters are on sale for 14.90 € via internet on Naturstein Magazine’s webshop (German).

„Abirochas em Notícia“ is the name of Brazil’s Natural Stone Trade Association’s publication, now available in its second edition and in English.

Video of the month: soon summer will end once again on the northern hemisphere. „Temporary trees“ by Raw Color and Mkgk.

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