„Pixel“ by Paolo Ulian: a world of tiny cubes

Paolo Ulian, F65: „Pixel“.

Most of the work is done by the saw cutting furrows into the stone’s surface. After that, the pleasure is on the side of the client in chipping away pixel elements, bringing forth a bas-relief.

Paolo Ulian created his „Pixel“ collection for F65. He is a well-known Italian designer, and F65 belongs to Francesca Bufalini, daughter of the eponymous natural stone company, which has been working high-end natural stone for some 300 years.

Paolo Ulian, F65: „Pixel“.

One of Ulian’s ideas is a 2.5 x 5 m wall composed of tiny plates. These are stone murals, if you will, whereby the client is implemental in the final design.
But caution is called for. This is the sculptor’s terrain, mistakes are permanent and cannot be reversed. Gone is gone forever.

Paolo Ulian, F65: „Pixel“.

Of course the surface of objects could also be worked in the same way…

Paolo Ulian, F65: „Pixel“.

… or back to the wall: objects can be integrated into the pixel wall.

The min. 3 cm-thick wall cladding is suitable for bars and kitchens. But wherever there is dust in the air, the vertical surface can be cleaned just as one would vacuum the floor.

Paolo Ulian, F65.

And last but not least: there is no rule dictating that a pixel must be square.

Paolo Ulian

F65, Francesca Bufalini

Bufalini Marmi

Photos: F65

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