Oasis Group: „Marble, welcome back“

Oasis Group.

„Marble, welcome back“ is the call of Oasis Group on its web page. The renowned top-of-the-line designer sees „a return to the golden age of marble“ as the current trend. It is, after all, „A universal expression of luxury, of sumptuous yet understated splendor, its presence immediately defines the environment in which it is placed.“

And, as a result of the current trend, we are also seeing a comeback of the „Stile Italiano“ (Italian style).

Oasis Group.Oasis Group.

At the furniture fair in Milan, the interior designer filled 3 rooms with marble: a dining room with table (photo far top), a living room with fireplace, and a bathroom. „Mistic Brown“ was the stone of choice for the presentation.

The company’s catalogue, too, shows a number of décor elements in marble of various types. We show some examples.

Oasis Group is a family enterprise with headquarters in Italy’s city of Pordenone. It was founded in 1908 and has since been producing a wide variety of furniture. All products are made in Italy according to the company’s guiding principles: „The eye for quality and fine materials, the use of modern technology.“

Oasis Group

Photos: Oasis Group

Oasis Group.Oasis Group.Oasis Group.Oasis Group.Oasis Group.Oasis Group.Oasis Group.

(29.08.2015, USA: 08.29.2015)