Briefly noted

„Stone Puzzle“ is the name US-stonemason Daniel Horning gave his idea for flat irregular natural paving stone. We reported previously. More information is now available on his webpage (1, 2).

Ideas for marble can be viewed on Pinterest.

Marble casing for iPhone 6 was developed by Native Union. The stone is a mere 0.8 mm thick.

Closed down: Madrid’s Café Comercial, famous for its dark marble tables, is going out of business.

At the Palace of Versailles three buildings could be converted to a luxury hotel, according to Le Journal du Dimanche quoting plans by the Accor-Group (French).

Within the frame of the Chicago Architectural Biennial 2015 Italy’s Trade Organization ITA for Italian Natural Stone Producers is organizing a BTB Workshop for networking to the leading architects of North America (Italian).

Video of the Month: mysterious ring 2 m in diameter on the ocean floor are the result of male puffer fish’s courting ritual.

(03.09.2015, USA: 09.03.2015)