New stone by Levantina: Black is back

Levantina: Cheyenne granite.

Update: Levantina’s stand at this year’s Marmomacc (Hall 9, C 12) (see below) was conceived and designed by architect Héctor Ruiz Velázquez of Puerto Rico. By using „human and constructible lines that are very close to our roots“, he wanted to make the brand easy to remember.

Levantina’s stand at this year’s Marmomacc (Hall 9, C 12).

Cheyenne granite (above) and Negro Canfranc Marble are two types of stone, which Levantina has recently introduced to the market. The black color interspersed with contrasting veins is a mark of elegance and delivers the material to design interiors with a unique distinguishing factor.

Levantina: Cheyenne granite.Levantina: Negro Canfranc marble.Levantina: Negro Canfranc marble.

We show but a few new stone types and possible implementation.

Levantina is a Spanish enterprise with world-wide activity including numerous quarries, 8 factories and 28 distribution centers. All in all the enterprise boasts some 200 types of natural stone in their program, among them local marble and granites from Brazil. It exports to 110 countries across the European Union, America, the Middle East and Asia.


Photos: Levantina

Levantina: Barocco granite.Levantina: Barocco granite.Levantina: Stromboli  granite.Levantina: Stromboli granite.Levantina: Verde Lara granite.Levantina: Verde Lara granite.Levantina: Victoria Falls granite.Levantina: Victoria Falls granite.Levantina: Perla Venata  granite.Levantina: Perla Venata granite.

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