Perforated stone as a variable room divider

Paolo Ulian, F65: „Moiré“.

Room dividers are a promising market for the stone branch as we have been preaching for some years now. Italian designer Paolo Ulian in cooperation with F65 Company has given the elements a new twist: double perforated stone slabs.

Paolo Ulian, F65: „Moiré“.

One of the slabs is mobile allowing for more or less transparency depending on the alignment of the perforation.

Paolo Ulian, F65: „Moiré“.

„Moiré“ is the name of the room divider named after the effect.
Note: the classical stone room divider is known as Mashrabiya in the Arab world. In India they are called Jalli, also well known.

Paolo Ulian

F65, Francesca Bufalini

Photos: F65

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