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Shutters with natural stone cladding, hydraulically driven, and which fit like a hand in a glove into the limestone façade, have been developed by the Backraum-Architect, Andreas Etzelsdorfer for a dwelling in Austria (German 1, 2).

Wristwatches with natural stone are available in the Mason Collection.

At Harbor Beach, VA, seven-year-old boy, vacationing with his family, picked up an unassuming lump at the water’s edge that was later identified as a 250-plus-million-year-old fossil.

Super Glue for d.i.y. stone cabinet pull-knobs. Instructions are published in a blog.

Massachussetts Maritime Academy. Photo: MIADiagonal lines run across the limestone façade of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy Library. The building was the winner of the current Pinnacle Awards of the Marble Institute of America (MIA).

Video of the Month: „Milkstones“ are what Wolfgang Laib calls his work of art for which blocks of marble with just the slightest indentation are filled with milk. Laib was awarded the coveted Praemium Imperiale Award 2015 of the Japan Art Association for his work. He already made a name for himself with installations involving pollen, beeswax and rice 1, 2; 3).

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