Marmomacc 2015 presents „Italian Stone Theatre“: A wonderland of natural stone on the horizon

Raffello Galiotto, Lithos Design: „Liscia“. Photo: Peter Becker

In Hall 1 innovative ideas, technology and programming are on display, and with them many product opportunities

„Italian Stone Theatre“ deserves enthusiastic praise for its presentation in Hall 1 of Marmomacc (Sept 30th to October 3rd 2015). Experimental pieces of design and architecture were on show under the auspices of curators Raffaello Galiotto and Vincenzo Pavan.

Raffello Galiotto, Lithos Design: „Liscia“. Photo: Peter BeckerRaffello Galiotto, Lithos Design: „Liscia“. Photo: Peter BeckerRaffello Galiotto, Lithos Design: „Liscia“. Photo: Peter Becker

The pieces allow a glimpse into modern marble implementation. But that’s not all: they also contain a wide span of possibilities for new implementation of marble, granite & company.

After the curtain-call, the role of „Italian Stone Theatre“, and indeed the challenge lies in developing these ideas, technology and programming all the way to marketability!

Our readers will recall: in the past Europe was the breeding ground for a number of ideas which were subsequently marketed abroad.

Raffello Galiotto, Helios Automazioni: „Glomus“.

A discussion within Marmomacc critically expounded on the shortcomings of Italian schools and universities to lead the young generation to current craftsmanship.

Let us look at „Digital Lithic Design“, a presentation in Hall 1. In subsequent issues we will be reporting on „Digital Vertigo“ and „Carpets of Stone“.

Raffello Galiotto, Pellegrini Meccanica, Margraf: „Corteccia“.

Industrial designer Raffaello Galiotto was the father of „Digital Lithic Design“, realized in close cooperation with Italian companies.

Raffello Galiotto, T&D Robotics: „Micete“.

Galiotto’s modus operandi is to hit the ground running, touch base at the horizon and run back to the baseline.

His ideas are not chosen to conform to what is possible. The impossible is made possible by innovative tools and programs which he delivers along with the ideas. Note that industrial designer Galiotto is also a scientist and has in-depth knowledge of stone masonry.

Raffello Galiotto, Odone Angelo, Gruppo Tosco Marmi: „Leucon“. Raffello Galiotto, Odone Angelo, Gruppo Tosco Marmi: „Leucon“.

„Digital Lithic Design“ came with a self-imposed challenge to discover the inner life of the stone block. Could it be worked like the exterior?
The result was a wonder world of caves, canals and crevices.

Some of the surface shapes are unmistakably derived from nature itself, e.g.: the prickly cloak of the hedgehog, veins of a leaf or the cactus spiral.
Galiotto studied and graduated in chemistry before attending the Accademia di Belle Arte in Venice where he also graduated. Organic chemistry is all about nature and how it functions.

To him there is no inherent conflict between nature and technology just as there is none between art and machinery. On the contrary: most objects in „Digital Lithic Design“ purposely show traces of machinery.

Raffello Galiotto, Antolini: „Litocorno“.

In conclusion: Galiotto is a strong proponent of natural stone as a unique material, not least because of its age, which is why he propagates respectful handling with a minimum of waste.

„Lithocorno“, is a 3 m high horn playfully transformed to reality. The object actually consists of a single stone block a mere 30 cm high sliced into thin slabs. Out of the interior of each slab, a smaller element is cut out making up another piece of the horn further up.

The horn, you may have guessed, is hollow. The outer skin is comprised of 100 rings of stone stacked neatly one on top of the other.

Raffaello Galiotto Industrial Design


Photos: Raffaello Galiotto

Raffello Galiotto, Gmm, Gruppo Tosco Marmi: „Acus“. Raffello Galiotto, Gmm, Gruppo Tosco Marmi: „Acus“. Raffello Galiotto, Intermac: „Bicefalo“. Raffello Galiotto, Intermac: „Bicefalo“. Raffello Galiotto, Omag: „Cacto“. Raffello Galiotto, Omag: „Cacto“. Raffello Galiotto, Decormarmi: „Quadrilobo“.Raffello Galiotto, Donatoni, Ddx: „Lamellatum“. Raffello Galiotto, Donatoni, Ddx: „Lamellatum“.

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