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Italian Chemical Company Fila Surface Care Solutions in cooperation with the German initiative has developed a method of determining the type of stains to which a stone will be prone. The procedure is called Fila SCM Staincheck Method.

Jade is the material from which the Calakmul Masks are made, exhibited in the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City (Spanish).

Stone windows (Jalis or Mashrabiyas) in all sorts of shapes and sizes are shown on the Gayatri Stone Company website.

Cosentino has started its 10th Design Challenge for students from 21 universities, schools or institutions worldwide.

A high friction surface treatment to avoid skidding in curves was installed on 15 high-traffic roads in Deleware. It is a combination of resin, crushed natural stone (quarzite) and other elements.

 A map of German natural stone quarries and mines is available in poster size 65.3 x 92.5 cm. It shows some 200 deposits in Germany and names the stone types occurring there. The map can be purchased through the web shop of the „Naturstein” trade magazine for 14.90 € (German).

Canadian Polycor Company has purchased quarries in the US States of Maine and Oklahoma and in Canada. The aim is to improve marketing.

The Turkish Government has halted probing for a possible limestone quarry in the Geyik Bayiri recreation area. Some 18,000 rock climbers from around the world had signed a petition to the effect.

Must gabions always be filled completely?

A weather forecast for our readers: the southern hemisphere will soon enjoy summer! To get into the mood, here are a few clips on sand architecture by Calvin Seibert (video, 1, 2).

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