„The Count Faber Castell Collection“: Fountain pens with natural stone décor and a solid gold nib

„Graf von Faber Castell Collection“: Fountain pen.

The „Pen of the Year 2015“ is dedicated to Frederick the Great of Prussia

Unusual natural stone are an integral part of the „Pen of the Year 2015“ collection by Faber Castell Company and its top-of-the-line „Graf von Faber Castell Collection“.
This is the year of Frederick the Great and all about the stones he cherished.

„Graf von Faber Castell Collection“: Fountain pen.

The shaft of this luxurious calligraphic tool is inlaid with four pieces of greenish serpentine of Silesian provenance. Its cap is adorned with a facetted Russian quartz chrysoprase.

The shaft of the pen is platinum plated or gilded respectively. Its nib is worked in solid 18 karat bicolor gold.

The stone was worked by Eberhard Stephan’s gemstone manufacture of Idar-Oberstein near Frankfurt/Main established in the 15th century.

These exclusive pieces are produced in limited edition in two categories: the first includes 1000 pieces à 3,500.00 €. The more exclusive type produced in 150 pieces costs 6,500.00 €. The rollerball pen – a type of ball point pen, costs a mere 3,200.00 € (in limited edition of 300 pieces) and 6,200.00 € (in limited edition of 30 pieces) respectively.

„Graf von Faber Castell Collection“: Rollerball pen.

Frederick the Great fought against Austria and Saxony and elevated Prussia to a Superpower of the time on the European stage. He went down in German history as one of the Great Statesmen. However, a close look at his private life reveals intense drama: he was art-oriented and sensitive often feuding with his father, the soldier King Frederick William I. As a young prince he attempted to flee to France with his friend but was caught and charged with desertion.

The King had Frederick’s friend shot while he was made to watch the execution, after which Frederick probably submitted to his father’s will.

Graf von Faber Castell

Photos: Faber Castell

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