MIA has compiled important information on natural stone ready to be downloaded

MIA hopes to contribute to a high standard in building albeit restricted to questions revolving around natural stone.

The Marble Institute of America aims to supply professionals, architects and designers with basic knowledge by means of its Online Resource Library

The Online Resource Library has been made available and can be downloaded free of charge by the Marble Institute of America (MIA). Users can download, e.g.: the Dimension Stone Manual in which useful information and a glossary of terms, descriptions of stone types or solutions to frequent problems are compiled.

The Library includes a search function to help users find the information they seek.
The standard material had hitherto been available only to MIA-members free of charge. Non-members had to purchase information through the online bookshop.

The aim of free access is to raise the level of know-how in the stone branch not merely in the USA but also worldwide. At the same time, architects and designers will be able to avoid problems before they crop up.

The Marble Institute of America (MIA) was founded some 70 years ago and is active as a trade organization, institution of learning, and meeting point for queries all around natural stone. MIA currently counts some 1,700 members in 55 countries.

MIA Online Resource Library

(24.10.2015, USA: 10.24.2015)