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In Great Britain theft, of historic stone material e.g. from church roofs or parks has become a serious problem according to the Daily Mail. Eric Bignell of the trade journal Natural Stone Specialist explains that some people seek stone markers for their homes. The trade takes place on the black market.

Raw blocks are the focus of the Bursa Marble Block Fair November 25th to 28th 2015 in the Turkish city of Buras. Some 40,000 M² of exhibit space are spread over 7 halls of the Fair Grounds. Machine-producers are also invited to participate. The Fair will „be a breath of fresh air for the industry“ according to the webpage.

Even see-through veils can be crafted in marble, as demonstrated by Italian sculptor Raffaelle Monti (1818-1881). Love itself, as expressed in the faces of the subjects, is immortalized in stone (1, 2).

Ramella Graniti, Roberto Semprini: „Hands Cube“.September 12th 1940, i.e.: 75 years ago, marked the discovery of the Lascaux Caves. In April 2015 the Caverne du Pont d’Arc near Avignon was opened to the public. It is a replica of the Chauvet-Cave with its famous hunting scenes painted some 33,000 years ago. As an homage, Italian designer Roberto Semprini designed the „Hands Cube“ for Ramella Graniti Company reminiscent of the handprints in the stone-age cave (1, 2).

A pig seated on a stone wall was produced by stone mason and artist Mikhel Villand of Estonia. The sculpture is a garden ornament but could just as well have ensued from George Orwell’s „Animal Farm“.

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Video of the Month: Limestone canvases are the background of Israeli artist Miki Karni’s romantic paintings on Jewish themes (Video, 1).

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