Spanish Macael-Marble Awards (Premios Macael) presented for the 29th time

The International Europe Prize was presented for a Muscovite show-room. Realization with the aid of water-jet technology showed „Beauty and Elegance as can be attained only in natural stone“, according to the jury.

Special honors for the use of natural stone and merit in the branch

The Macael-Marble Awards were presented for the 29th time this year. The prize honors the use of local Almeria natural stone form Andalusia. Also there are two special categories honoring regional merits and merits in the stone branch.

In his press release Antonio Sanchez Tapia, President of the Organization of Andalusian marble producers (AEMA), points out that the sheer number of international award-winners proves the value of Macael-Marble on the global stage. At the same time, he expressed his regret that so many interesting projects were not allowed to compete blocked by proprietors.

Premios Macael

Photos: AEMA

The International North America Prize went to the Prudential Office Complex in Newark, New Jersey were some 8,000 M² of white Macael Marble were implemented. The jury praised the architects Kohn Pedersen Fox who „who convinced themselves of the stone’s luminescence and suitability for everyday use“.The International Latin America Prize was awarded to architects Daniel Pons, Ángel Gómez Canaan and Nancy Tavares for the Anacanoa Tower in the Dominican Republic’s capital city Santo Domingo. Some 45,000 m² went into the construction of the 40 story complex along with other types of natural stone to create a luxurious atmosphere according to the jury’s praising words.The International Africa Prize went to architects Sendarrubias & Hernandez for their planning and construction of a new hotel school at the University of Algeria. The jury expounded on the façade-design using limestone slabs measuring 2.5 x 1.5 m with a thickness of a mere 8, 10 and 11 mm respectively and its special bracing.The International Asian Prize was awarded to architects and designers of WOW Architects/Warner Wong for their modernization of the Singapore Carlton Hotel, were some 4.000 m² of Silestone Engineered Stone found a new location.The National Prize went to Arapiles Arquitectos Asociados 15 Architects for their design of the Cajamar Group headquarters where some 5,500 m² of Dekton Engineered Stone were used.The Prize for Design and Craftsmanship went to Architects Pascual Mata Sebastiá and Javier Lahuerta for their design of a mausoleum in Vila-Real. The jury voiced particular praise for the 2.30 m-high sculptures depicting the victory of soul over death before God.The Prize for Communication went to Latin-Grammy-Award-winning Spanish pop singer David Bisbal Ferré. The winner of a casting show originates from Alméria and won praise for his international renown.The Prize for an Institution was awarded to US-American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), which won acclaim for its propagation of Macael-Marble in North America.

(09.11.2015, USA: 11.09.2015)