Conference on „Creativity and Robotics“ by Arkad Foundation and CNA of Lucca

CAD-CAM technologies and robots in the process of artistic creation: does it influence working with stone?

Focus on the evolution of designing and artistic processing by the use of computer-assisted design and of CNC machines to realize marble sculptures

Update: video (Italian)

The conference „Creativity and Robotics“ held on Saturday, November 21th 2015 from 10 a.m. to 1. p.m. focuses on the evolution of designing and artistic processing by the use of computer-assisted design, manufacturing (CAD-CAM) and of CNC machines to realize marble sculptures. Organizers of the event are Arkad Foundation and the National Confederation of Artisans, Lucca section.

Several artists, artisans, teachers, robotic companies and designers will take part to the meeting, analyzing the topic from different points of view. They will explain the transformation in the work of both artists and artisans due to the employment of CAD-CAM technologies in the process of artistic creation.

Moreover, they will point out the different stages of manufacturing: starting from the concept, handmade model or designing thanks to 3D modeling to the execution by traditional and new techniques supported by CNC machines and robots.

The convention is conceived for everyone who deals with the entire process in the making of marble sculptures in the Apuan-Versilia district, exporting abroad handmade products of high quality.

Artists take advantage of both traditional techniques and innovative robots, helped by qualified artisans and developers of robotics that offer their own know-how of specific software and machines. „Creativity and Robotic” will be a day of exploration concerning the manufacturing and designing of marble sculptures.

The entrance is free, please confirm your attendance

Contact: ARKAD Foundation, tel. +39 0584 75 70 34, Mail

Conference „Creativity and Robotics“ on Saturday, November 21th, 2015, from 10 am to 1 pm, at the workshop of Studio ARTCO, Viale Leonetto Amadei, 309 – 55047, Seravezza (Lucca), Italy.

Source: Arkad Foundation